Hi! I’m Annette McMillan!

Just your regular Michigan-born, happily married, outdoor fanatic, free-spirited, dog-mom creative. You’ll most likely find me outside, barefoot, drinking a smoothie. Or on a long run (even if its raining), talking to deer, at a breakfast place with my husband (devouring French Toast), cuddling with my dog on the kitchen floor or spending the day by the beautiful Michigan lakeshore. I absolutely love the earth, people, and all of life’s beautiful quirks.

I grew up in Michigan near the Kalamazoo area, then in summer of 2017 I married my favorite person and moved to Ann Arbor. My husband, Ethan, has just graduated (woohoo!) from the University of Michigan with his engineering (engin-nerd-ing) degree and we have decided to call Ann Arbor home for a while. What’s next? Who knows! Maybe get a puppy…

Obsessions include (but are not limited t0):
Early mornings, plants + home decor, a minimal but killer wardrobe, animals, a good workout, gift-giving, Chipotle, traveling + camping, the smell of essential oils, my sweet, human-like dog (Sammy), my playful cat who thinks he’s a dog (Tigger), and my amazing husband!
Why Photography? 
2012 was the year I went full throttle with photography (when I was fifteen) but I have loved this art from the very beginning, taking after my paternal grandfather. My parents say that when I was six years old, I found the “family camera” (a small point and shoot) and just wouldn’t put it down.

My love for photography has always been rooted in photojournalism. Images that inspire a sense of adventure, connection and emotion. It is my passion to capture authenticity. I want to show the real, raw, natural moments. The simple gestures of love. The happy tear moments. The laughing your head off moments. Even the moments that don’t go as planned. Moments and details that tell a beautiful, unique story.

 Lets connect and create.